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About Us

Rescue Coffee exists to help deliver souls from the grips of life-controlling addictions. Through each cup of our carefully roasted coffee you can be assured that your contribution is making the world a better place. 

All our coffees are organic and fair trade. We want to make sure that we provide the best quality coffee and that the hands that work our coffee are being treated correctly. 

We have our own blends and our own coffee profiles. And we have taken the time to study and come up with what we consider the perfect roast for each origin. 

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Our Coffees

Single Origins & Blends


Spicy and smoky. Guatemalan coffees tend to have a full or medium body with rich flavor. Coffees grown in the central highlands exhibit a floral acidity often with hints of spicy or chocolaty flavors.


With a medium to smooth body and a distinct but mild acidity, Nicaraguan coffees reviews indicate it provides rich yet subtle flavors, balanced sweetness, with a nutty bouquet that often exhibits notes of vanilla.




Victory Blend

This is an amazing blend between Colombia and Guatemala. The strong body and flavor of a full cup of coffee will take you places. Caramel and Dark chocolate notes are a beautiful balance on this blend.


Colombia is well known for it's amazing potential for a dark roasted coffee. This organic coffee is one of the best in the country. With smokey dark chocolate and caramel notes. You can never go wrong with a handcrafted dark roast.


Our roaster's favorite, Ethiopian coffee offers a complex flavor experience, fruity and floral. Coffee from Ethiopia is fragrant-rich with an exotic full-bodied flavor. 





Our seasonal flavored coffee is:

Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Teen Challenge


We were heartbroken to learn that students were back on the streets after Teen Challenge, Liberia, was forced to close due to a lack of finances. Connections were made in the Body of Christ, and the idea of Rescue Coffee Roasters was born. God intervened further, in answer to prayer, when Julianna Johnson gifted a plot of land to create a new, permanent home for the Teen Challenge residential facility. Together with you, we split the profits from the sales of our fair trade, organic coffees and beans so that lives can be freed from life controlling issues not only in Indiana, but in Liberia as well! 

Donate Now

If you would like to donate directly to Teen Challenge Liberia, please click the button below:

Thank you for partnering with us to Bless Teen Challenge Liberia!


Syd Wilson (left), Executive Director of Teen Challenge Liberia, Africa with Julianna Johnson, presents a Certificate of Collaboration to Executive Director of Adult and Teen Challenge Northern Indiana, Andy Collins

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